Creatine and its effect on strength and stability for mobility

Creatine and its effect on strength and stability for mobility

Mar 26th 2021

As we get older or face other physical challenges, maintaining strength and stability becomes more difficult.

We may find it harder to perform everyday tasks as muscles weaken, leading to reduced mobility. Many older adults and their caretakers’ greatest fear is a fall.

Along with changes in diet and exercise, studies have shown there may be a solution to this problem all of us will inevitably face: creatine.

Creatine is a well-researched supplement often used by athletes to build muscles. Creatine is naturally found in our bodies and provides energy within all of our cells.

But as we age, creatine levels decline for most people. Using creatine supplements, like Encour!, help to restore energy to the brain and body and to maintain muscle mass. That’s why the supplement is not just for athletes. Everyone can benefit from more energy, retaining more muscle mass, and support for their general health.

Let’s look at three ways research has shown that creatine can improve strength and stability, even when mobility is limited.

  1. Elderly strength, weight loss, and mobility. Everyday tasks can be harder to complete as we get older, including exercise. Several studies have looked at how to preserve muscle strength while also managing adult onset obesity. In these studies, those who took a daily supplement of creatine had increased muscle mass and endurance, even when there was little movement. People can also suffer from sleep deprivation as they age which also carries risks. One study showed that taking creatine for one week improved balance, even with very little sleep.
  2. Prevention of muscle loss while aging. Muscle strength, quantity, and function can decline as we age. There are several factors that can lead to muscle decline, like nutrition, physical activity, and inflammation. To stop the deterioration of muscles and strength, doctors recommend changes in diet and exercise. There is reasonable evidence that taking creatine can also help. Dr. Darren Candow, a member of Encour!’s Scientific Advisory Board, led a study that found low daily doses of creatine and protein supplementation can increase lean tissue mass and upper body strength. In the same study, older men showed fewer signs of muscle protein degradation and the resorption of bone tissue. A number of other studies support the same findings--creatine helped develop more muscle mass and strength, especially when combined with resistance training.
  3. Rehabilitation following an injury. It’s no secret the body takes time to heal after an injury or surgery. During that recovery time, you may not be able to move parts of your body, which can cause a loss in strength, muscle mass, and reduced mobility. In one study, researchers looked at people who had a cast on their leg for two weeks. Those who supplemented with creatine during that time period showed better performance in rehabilitation. Other studies have looked at the impact on recovery from a number of other physical conditions--spinal cord injuries, chronic heart failure, and as a treatment for Parkinson’s. Although some of the results are mixed, there is evidence that taking creatine can help keep muscles from wasting away and promote a strong recovery.

Use Encour! to increase strength and stability

Research shows that creatine, the main ingredient in Encour, is a key energy source for our bodies. It plays a major role whether we are aging normally or recovering from an injury or physical exertion. Encour! uses the world’s purest creatine, sourced only from Germany, to increase natural energy and support recovery.

Made in the USA, Encour! also contains other high-quality ingredients like Vitamin C. It does not contain any caffeine, so you won’t get jitters. The vegan formula contains no GMOs, gluten, or dairy.