Finding focus in a year filled with chaos

Finding focus in a year filled with chaos

Jan 1st 2021

It’s been quite a year. I think back to everything that’s happened to me on a personal level with astonishment.

I lost a close friend to cancer. I almost lost my mother twice to congestive heart failure. And, to top it all off, I am ending 2020 in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. Wonderful.

The positives. I completed a course at Emory University in Atlanta for executive coaching. I founded my business. I found renewed focus in my yoga practice. I also basked in some of the simplest pleasures in life brought by the pandemic by having more time to focus on what’s important in life like spending more time with immediate family and building a closer than ever relationship with my brilliant son and beautiful daughter.

I also renewed my focus on my health. Like so many people, I hadn’t remained as active and fit during the pandemic. The world shut down and it seemed like my motivation to take care of myself did as well. Then, I started taking Encour daily. After a couple weeks, I noticed a difference in my energy.


Before, I would feel a lot more tired and not as motivated to keep up with exercise but this has really helped me stay focused on that. It’s given me that extra boost. Aside from yoga, I’ve gotten back to hiking and running. And you would think I would have been sore starting all that back at once. I always felt sore after workouts, more so as I’ve aged, but that seems to have gone away after using Encour.

From a clarity standpoint, I wake up a little more refreshed than I did. I don’t have that drowsy tired feeling when I get out of bed. I’m ready to tackle my day!

Running my own business is time consuming and I’m on the computer most of the day. During the afternoons, I usually find myself having some sort of a mental or physical crash. With Encour, I don’t have the need for the caffeine or sugar boost that I would traditionally use as an artificial way to keep my mind clear and keep my energy going.

Another plus, it also helps me with my water intake. It makes me very mindful about drinking extra water throughout the day.

Overall, I feel better. It makes me feel good about doing something good for my body. And I love that I have a new commitment to my overall health and wellness. With Encour, I feel like I have the youthfulness back in my stamina to power through!