For the busy moms trying to balance it all…here’s help

For the busy moms trying to balance it all…here’s help

Feb 5th 2021

Just a few months ago, my level of exhaustion was at an all-time high.

Between juggling virtual learning with my kids, peak season for my business, maintaining a house, taking care of my husband, and a very active dog - the word “busy” was quite the understatement.

As much as I understood the importance of self-care, it was completely left out of the equation. Unfortunately, I began to notice the toll it was all taking on my body and mind. I started having trouble focusing on my work; I felt tired all throughout the day; and mostly, I just didn’t feel as healthy and strong as I needed be to do all of the things I needed to accomplish.

Then I was introduced to Encour dietary supplement by a former colleague of mine. Naturally, I had tons of questions about what it was, how it worked and what I could expect after trying it.

Ari dog close up.png

What I learned is Encour is a vegan, non-GMO supplement that contains 100% German creatine. Naturally occurring creatine is found in our body and brain. It restores energy within our cells. Apparently, as you get older, your available creatine decreases, so it’s necessary to replenish this with a supplement. (Just another one of the many joys of aging.) It also contains Vitamin C, which is essential to strengthening my immune system (critical stuff at a time like this!). There have been tons of studies done on all of this and since the science behind it definitely made sense, I felt comfortable giving it a try.

Although I was told that Encour wouldn’t produce results right away like shot of expresso, I must say, I started to feel a sense of, let’s say - relief – immediately after I started taking it. I finally felt as though I had taken back some control of my health. By just taking a couple of minutes each day to take Encour, I replenish some of the nutrients my body so desperately needed.

Within about 3 weeks though, I could definitely notice the difference. I started to feel more focused, even despite hours staring at a computer. Before I’d normally reach for a second cup of coffee mid-day. Now with Encour, I am able to skip it and still get through my day with a lot more energy. After a few more weeks, my husband and kids noticed those changes too, as I was finally able to get around to doing more of the tasks that awaited me around the house.

It has been several months since I started using Encour. While I can’t say that my busy schedule has eased up any, I’m happy to say that I feel far more energized and equipped to handle whatever the day throws at me!