"I love this game!"

For most players, golf is a game they enjoy for the challenge and camaraderie.

For Jeff Bartholomew, it's also his business.

Bartholomew is the owner of Royal Links Golf Tours. His business plans and hosts golf events at the world's greatest clubs and courses for corporations and groups. He was introduced to Encour three months ago and has really noticed the difference in his game.

For most of us as we age, we lose muscle mass and strength. Bartholomew chose not accept it. "By using Encour daily with regular exercise, I can build and maintain muscle mass. This helps me have the power to drive the ball further."


He likes the convenient drink sticks that make it easy to enjoy Encour on the golf course, at the gym, or when he travels abroad.

Encour helps your brain cells have the natural energy they need to function properly. Bartholomew noticed the difference on the back nine. "When playing in the heat, on a tough course, sometimes it wasn't as easy for me to concentrate. I feel like Encour helps sharpen my focus." 

"Playing golf when you are tired isn't nearly as much fun," says Bartholomew. "Encour helps me by helping me build my energy reserves and, with training, to improve my stamina so I can last through the heat and finish strong."

Let Encour help improve your game.

Encour dietary supplement can help by providing power to your muscles, brain and other vital organs.* Since 1992, professional athletes have relied on the active ingredient in Encour, pure German Creatine, to help them build muscle and recover after exercise. In fact, it's one of the most tested and proven supplements in the world.


Now we've made it easy for you to get this natural energy in a convenient package. Encour packs one daily dose in a single drink powder stick, so you can take it to the course with you, or on your next business trip. Just mix with water, shake or stir, and drink.


Research on the benefits of Encour is available here.


You can also access a study on the impact of creatine on golf performance here.