Kiwi Strawberry 90 Count PowerTabs™

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You get 90 Kiwi Strawberry chewable tablets, which we call PowerTabs in each resealable bag. Enough to last one month. This is a fan favorite, with a sweet taste that requires no mixing.

Just pop the chewable tablets into your mouth. This is a low-sugar option to candy.

Not only does it help you get your energy back, but it also provides long-term health benefits that continue with daily use throughout your life span.

"I keep Your Encour chewables on my desk, so throughout the day I treat myself. It's better than reaching for candy because it provides Vitamin C and natural Creatine to energize my body without messing with my blood sugar." - Douglas W.

Use your Encour™ PowerTabs™ daily to provide power for your body, brain and life. Loaded with 50% of your daily Vitamin C and pure German Creatine, use 3 tablets daily - with plenty of water during meals or as a treat throughout your day.

"I love how easy it is to use the Encour™ PowerTabs. I pack them in my bag and take them to the gym or where ever I go. Even at work!" - Bill L.

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