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Take Encour!™ once a day by dissolving a PowerStix™ into a glass of water or other beverage. You may take it any time of day but on days when you are active, take Encour at the end of your activity when your body will absorb it best. As the creatine in your body begins to rise to previous levels, you should gradually begin to notice more natural daily energy as well as more strength and stamina. You will probably benefit from faster and better recoveries after exercise and/or normal daily activities. You should also begin to notice more daily mental alertness and less fatigue.

Most people begin to feel the benefits of Encour in as little as two to three weeks of daily use, although in some individuals it can take up to 30 days. After 30 days, it is important to continue to take one serving of Encour daily to maintain your creatine levels and so that you can continue to realize the many additional health benefits of Encour. Note: Encour is NOT a stimulant, so you will not feel a burst of instant energy immediately after use.

Encour is made from the world's finest creatine produced only in Germany according to the strictest purity standards. It is the Gold Standard of creatine. Encour also includes 100% of your daily Vitamin C to provide additional immune system benefits beyond those that are found in our creatine.

As most of us begin to age, our bodies make less and less creatine. Creatine is a key energy source that powers our muscle, brain and tissue cells. Encour works at the cellular level to replenish and maintain the essential creatine that is needed to restore energy to every cell in your body.

Encour is safe and effective. It's one of the most trusted and proven dietary supplements on the planet.

Encour may help build your muscles with moderate exercise, so any weight you might gain would be muscle tissue and the small amount of water associated with those muscles. While it is not specifically a weight loss product, the energy you find with Encour can help you achieve more in your workouts and exercise. Between a healthy diet, higher activities levels and taking Encour, you can gain more muscle and get rid of fat.

The active ingredient in Encour has a proven track record of safety, even when taken over a long period at high doses. Because it is a naturally occurring compound in cells throughout your body, creatine is viewed as one of the safest supplements available for use today. Consult your doctor before using any dietary supplement, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition that requires ongoing treatment, are taking any medications, or have any questions about your health. For adults only. Keep out of the reach of children.