"When my friends are done for the day, I'm ready for another match"

Whether you are a fierce competitor or just enjoy playing a match with your friends, tennis is a great sport that provides an aerobic workout. For Lisa Schacher, tennis is her favorite form of exercise. 

Singles or doubles, Lisa is always up for a game since taking Encour.
She's shared her experience with her friends and now they have also started taking Encour too!

Lisa was introduced to Encour several months ago. "Within about three to four weeks of using Encour daily with regular exercise, I noticed the difference. I had more energy throughout the day. And I didn't feel tired in the afternoon." 

Encour provides the natural energy your brain cells need to function properly. Schacher says she's experienced a real advantage to having better mental acuity.  "I feel like Encour helps sharpen my focus, which helps on the court, but also during the rest of my busy day."

Lisa credits Encour for helping improve her strength and stamina. But she's also noticed a difference in her recovery after exercise. The reason? Encour helps restore energy to individual cells so they can function better. It's a secret professional athletes have know for years, but the benefits are just being discovered by the general public.

Let Encour help improve your game. 

Encour dietary supplement can help by providing power to your muscles, brain and other vital organs.* Since 1992, professional athletes have relied on the active ingredient in Encour, pure German Creatine, to help them build muscle and recover after exercise. In fact, it's one of the most tested and proven supplements in the world.


Now we've made it easy for you to get this natural energy in a convenient package. Encour packs one daily dose in a single drink powder stick, so you can take it to the tennis courts with you, or on your next business trip. Just mix with water, shake or stir, and drink.